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Keysight Technologies, one of the pioneering companies in the world having a strong expertise in wireless communication technologies had collaborated with ECE department to establish the Centre of Excellence. This is intended to benefit students who dream to pursue their research in the field of advanced wireless communication and RF system design. This would serve as a platform for students and aspirants to pursue their interest in the field of RF design.

Objectives of this Centre of Excellence are

 To provide knowledge for new generation of RF engineers.

 To offer excellent training and education for students in Advanced Communication and RF System Design

 To provide technology transfer and consultant services for industry and government


Keysight Technologies, or Keysight, is a US company that manufactures test and measurement equipment and software. Keysight’s products include hardware and software for benchtop, modular, and field instruments. Instruments include oscilloscopes, multimeters, logic analyzers, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers, atomic force microscopes (AFM), automated optical inspection, automated X-ray inspection (5DX), in-circuit testers, power supplies and handheld tools.

In addition, it produces electronic design automation (EDA) softwares (EEsof division). It mainly serves the telecommunications, aerospace/defense, industrial, computer, and semiconductor industries



   6 sets of Keysight Multi Purpose Lab Station

service_right_icon2   4+16 Channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (7014B)
service_right_icon2   30 MHz Arbitrary waveform generator (33521A)
service_right_icon2   Triple output DC Power Supply (E36314)
service_right_icon2   6 ½ Digit True RMS Digital Multimeter (34401A)
service_right_icon2   GPIP- USB Interface Adaptor
service_right_icon2   Electronic Instrumentation Training Kit

   Keysight N9923A 4GHz Field Fox Handheld RF Vector network analyzer

Software :

service_right_icon2   Advanced Design System (ADS) – 5 licenses
service_right_icon2   VEE Pro – 6 licenses
service_right_icon2   Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) – 15 licenses

Features :

A hands-on Experience in ADS helps students and faculty members to design RF/Microwave Systems

Test and verify RF circuits using Vector network analyzer.

Measure voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and temperature using a single system

View, capture, edit, and generate custom signals including modulated signals.

Configure, customize and automate measurements using Visual Engineering Environment (VEE) pro software.

Vector Signal Analysis software enables demodulation and measurement of complex modern day communication signals

Value Added Course (VAC)

RF System Design Using ADS

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“VEE Pro” A Practical Graphical Programming

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Ms. D.Reka,  Assistant Professor/ ECE


Mr. K.Dhinesh,  Assistant Professor/ ECE


Ms. T. Sathiyapriya,  Assistant Professor/ ECE


Ms. G. Swathiga,  Assistant Professor/ ECE


Mr. A. Shafeek,  Assistant Professor/ ECE


Assistant Professor

ECE Department

Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology,

Pollachi – 642003


Assistant Professor

ECE Department

Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology,

Pollachi – 642003

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